waste-managementOur passion is waste stream management.

The growing for a reliable and effective waste management service kick started our passion for waste stream management and in 1990 we launched SA Waste Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

SA Waste is committed in reducing the cost of waste disposal whilst protecting our environment and natural resources through the maximisation and utilisation of recyclable waste.

As a result of our recycling efforts, SA Waste have become leaders in the waste management and waste recycling markets.

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Free from day-to-day dirt and grime

O’zo Clean, a Corporate Cleaning Service that provides selective services to our clients ensuring that their operations is free from day-to-day dirt and grime.

In addition to general cleaning, we offer an outcomes based cleaning blitz service.

– Contract Cleaning
– Window Cleaning
– Once Off Services

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ozoPestCommercial pests solutions

O’Zo Pest offers Commercial pests solutions that help eliminate the hassle of pests within the workplace. 

Our core focus falls within the following elements of pest control:

– Pest Control Programs
– Rodent and Insect Control
– Proactive Approach To Pest Control

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Redbark2Structural integrity to enhancing appearance

Redbark is a specialist building maintenance and management service provider that specialises in the upkeep and maintenance of corporate buildings.

From structural integrity to enhancing appearance, our maintenance and renovation teams are highly skilled professionals.

Our management and procurement team ensures that the right materials are sourced at the best possible price.

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Your building needs met!

Our collection of companies enables us to deliver on all needs in relation to your building. This extends from Waste Stream Management, Hygiene, Pest Control to Building maintenance and management.


No More Concern for:

  • Building maintenance and management
  • Hygiene and cleanliness,
  • Unwanted pests,
  • and For waste removal and recycling


We work well!

Our centralised support system ensures:

  • that no bugs are free to roam your buildings, 
  • that your offices and ablutions are kept sparkling clean
  • and your waste will never pile up beyond control.


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Top Quality

Genso Investments (Pty) Ltd, a company that works hard to deliver top quality services to all clients, large and small, corporate and private since 1990. This together with our team has enabled us to become front runners in the South African waste management, cleaning, pest control and building maintenance industries.

Why we do business with clients like you!

Genso Investment (Pty) Ltd looks after clients, like you, that are concerned about saving time energy and effort by delegating the Waste Stream Management, Cleaning, Pest Control and Building Maintenance to a professional service provider like Genso. We believe that partnering on this front our team will be able to handle the “not so nice” aspects of running a building. 

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13 St Giles street,
Kensington B.

T: (011) 919 – 0000
F: (011) 781 – 7521